An Analysis of Slang Word in "The Kissing Booth" Movie

Dhania Ramadhani, Mega Dwi Lestari, Nida Ashri, Nurul Aini


The journal is entitled The Analysis of American Slang in The Kissing Booth Movie.  The purpose of this analysis is to find out whether primary slang and secondary slang are used by the characters in the film or not, as well as to find the type of meaning of the slang meaning based on the context of the situation of the word itself. The data used is taken from the script of the film entitled 'The Kissing Booth'. The documentation method is used to collect data and qualitatively will be explained by the theory proposed by Chapman (2007) which divides the types of slang into Primary Slang and Secondary Slang.  The  functions of language include communication,  the  expression  of  identityplay, imaginative expression, and emotional release. In addition, the theory proposed by Leech (1981) divides the types of meaning into seven types including conceptual meaning, connotative meaning, social meaning, affective meaning, reflected meaning, collective meaning, and thematic meaning. Slang that is found in the script of the film, and there     are several types of secondary slang also found in the script. Among the seven types of meaning, only conceptual meaning, reflected meaning, and affective meaning were found. The meaning of these slang words is in accordance with the context in which the word is used. Language, is a system of conventional spoken,  manual  (signed),  or  written symbols by means of which human beings, as members of a social group and participants in its culture, express themselves.


Type of slang; types meaning of slang; context of situation; film

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