Figurative Language And Subtitling Strategies in Batwoman Series

Dara Azalia Bastian, Sujana Sujana


This research discussed about subtitling of figurative language in Batwoman drama series. The aims of this research to find kinds of figurative languages used in Batwoman and to identify subtitling techniques used in figurative languages in Batwoman. The researcher use Perrine’s theory to find figurative language and Gottlieb’s theory find subtitling strategies. The researcher focused on each character’s dialogue, those are Batwoman (Kate Kane), Alice, Luke Fox, The method that the researcher used is qualitative method. The result of this research is the researcher found 83 data in the series. For the figurative, the frequency of the data is 16 of simile, 7 of metaphor, 2 of apostrophe, 24 of metonymy, 9 of synecdoche, 1 of symbol, 18 of overstatement, and 6 of irony. For the subtitling strategies, the researcher found 4 of expansion, 2 of paraphrase, 49 of transfer, 26 of imitation, 1 of transcription, and 1 of condensation.


Subtitling; Figurative Language; Film

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